Biomechanica Hungarica, Évf. 1, Szám 1 (2008)

Use of optical motion tracking in application development fog surgical planning and navigation

Pongrácz Ferenc


This paper makes an overview of the application development in the field of optical motion tracking accomplished during the recent years in Hungary. The elements of the integration of known optical camera (passive Polaris, Northern Digital Inc.) into navigation studies are surveyed according to standpoint of software engineer: (A) creating a proper software architecture; (B) selection of calibration procedures for navigated tools and anatomical objects; (C) practical solutions for registering the surgical space to diagnostic models; (D) visualization of registered movements of objects in diagnostic volume. The presented procedures are based on two applications: (A) prototyping program to simulate complex navigational and measurement tasks occurring in clinical field (VocPC); (B) commercial application suitable to control navigated drilling in dental implantology (Dental Planner).


DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2008/1/21

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