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Instrument development for acetabular roof plasty in case of dysplastic acetabular replacement

Szabó János, Manó Sándor, Lőrincz Ádám, Győrfi Gyula, Kiss László


The authors report on the development of special surgical instruments required for the new Intraosseal Structural Graft (ISG) technique in case of dysplastic acetabular replacement presently under introduction at our Institute. One of novelties of procedure is the development of a proximally hinged cortico-spongious plate in the cranial quadrant of the acetabulum that is opened laterally. The instruments were developed, tested, and modified based on experiments on 14 3D models and 19 cadaver hips. For the cortico-spongious plate a 1 and 3 step method was developed and the prototypes of the chisels required were made. The open the bone block laterally a threaded device was planned and developed.Based on the experiments the 1 step method was discarded, because the device used for opening the bone block laterally proved difficult, and so it was not further developed. The instruments required for the 3 step method was finalized and since than 2 successful opera-tions were performed with them. With the aid of these special surgical instruments the ISG technique is easier, quicker and safer to perform. 
DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2012/1/04

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