Biomechanica Hungarica, Évf. 6, Szám 1

Development and test results of a system for the recovery of the lower limbs

Molnár Péter, Posgay György, Németh István


According to medical research,1 exertion of a certain level of loading to injured lower limbs is considered as important from the point of view of their recovery. Total unloading would decelerate coalescing of bones just like their permanent overloading. In order to avoid it, patients must be trained to walk with optimal load on lower limbs. A data logger with built-in load cell is designated both to sustain this process and to store data on load values exercised to limbs during recovery as well. The report below tells how this device was developed.


DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2013/1/21

Megtekintések száma: 1961

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