Biomechanica Hungarica, Évf. 6, Szám 1

Processing of digital moiré images in Salus Ortopédtechnika Kft.

Balla Petra, Marlok Ferenc, Prommer Katalin, Nagy Szilvia, Schulcz Orsolya, Kocsis Gyula, Magocsi Benjamin


More and more children and youngsters are affected by spinal deformities these days. These diseases can be well cured if they are detected and filtered out in time. We wanted to set up an objective and safe method with which we can diagnose wide spectrum of school-aged youngsters without harmful side-effects. Creating moiré images was one way to solve this problem, that is the reason why we started to test this method in filtering and following the condition of our young patients. Patients measured by us were going through a general examination method where their phisical status was examined by physiotherapists, and relief images were taken of their back.

The initial aim to make the moiré image use an objective method to filter and follow the patient’s condition in case of weed curvature of the spine could not be totally fulfilled. The reason is that the evaluation of the images is still a subjective method done by our vision. A possible solution could be to find an objective evaluation method where we can process, evaluate and compare the images with the same conditions. The programming and use of a proper image processing algorithm could be a great help for us. 


DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2013/1/16

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