Biomechanica Hungarica, Évf. 6, Szám 1

Finite element analysis of weightbath hydrotraction treatment in the case of osteoporosis

Kurutzné Kovács Márta, Oroszváry László


3D finite element analysis of the first elastic period of the weightbath hydrotraction treatment is presented to analyze the effect of osteoporosis during the traction procedure. A systematic parameter analysis of the material moduli of the aging spinal motion segment with osteoporotic bone was investigated. It was concluded that the osteoporosis in itself can not be a contraindicating factor of  weightbath hydrotraction treatment. However, if applying extra weigts, beside the quality of bone and the grade of osteoporosis, the age of patients, their body structure and body weight must be carefully considered as well. 


DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2013/1/27

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