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Az aktív elongációs technika akut hatása a gerincoszlop morfológiai jellemzőire

Kondor Judit, Tihanyi József, Széll Anna


Our kinesiologist focus is on the active elongation of spine. This very simple movement like active spine elongation makes measurable different in sagittal curves, that would be detected with Spinal Mouse electromechanical device. It detects the datas about gait parameters from the cervical 7 to sacral 1 vertebra’s processus spinosus about every movement segment in sagittal plane. We had tested that on 27 persons: (n =13) men and (n=14) women, (n=9) of them were competent in elongation. The purpose of this study was to verify the change of thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis during active elongation in the vertebral column and conclude deep vertebral stabilizer muscle-function, regarding the voluntary contraction of multifidii muscles. Furthermore to improve therapeutic approaches in the spinal control of the biomechanical centre, called lumbopelvic segment. The ideal gait of human creates a big debate in the physiotherapeutic or the movement professions. Although the physiological posture should be given the basic means of the trunk-stabilization exercises.

Our results prove significant effect of elongation on the spine. It was success to verify the relevancy (p=0,001) of elongation-practised i.e. non-start person compared to start ones (they had used active spine elongation first time in their life). Significant augmentation (p=0,02) was given between normal own spine length and elongated length. Significant decrease was measured between normal/own thoracic kyphosis and the elongated kyphosys, but didn’t shown significant difference (p=0,24) in the sagittal curve of lumbar spine. But we could experience clear reduction of lordosis in both group (p=0,917) and segmentally as well. Furthermore it was bigger difference in the start persons. We can deduce from lumbar orientation and spinal control effect and even that this Spinal Mouse can’t be the right device to prove the real meaning of elongation in the lumbar spine, because of its neuromuscular (muscle tone) and biomechanical (degree of freedom) nature.

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