Biomechanica Hungarica, Évf. 3, Szám 1

Specific biomechanical consideration in trauma cases involving forearm and hand

Szokoly Miklós, Aradi Petra


The rescue of a severed or amputated limb and restoration of the its biomechanical unity after serious hand or forearm injuries is analysed and discussed with two case presentations. Methods of anatomy and surgery in these cases are not part of the everyday practice, the need for improvization during surgery is essential. Ischaemia reperfusion time is also crucial when a limb has to be saved. The fi rst case reports on the subtotal amputation of a young man’s right hand and the successful revascularization and unorthodox restoration of the radiocarpal joint to full function. The second case is of a young woman with a conquassated left forearm. A special aspect in this case is the extremely long ischaemia-reperfusion time. Complete function was restored in this case too, however the patient’s refusal of spongiosa-plasty resulted in the fatigue break of the fi xation plate, that had to be replaced.

In traumatology it happens quite often, that serious decisions have to made by the operating table without the chance of consultation with colleagues and literature. The two presented cases might help to decide on treatment for those who meet similar cases in their practice.


DOI: 10.17489/biohun/2010/1/29

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